Why Everyone Should Read

This week I stumbled upon a really great article that detailed all of the reasons reading shouldn’t just be a hobby.  There are so many more benefits to reading than most people realize, and I really enjoyed getting to read about them in this article.  Below are some of my favorite studies that they detailed.

Reading Fights Alzheimers 


The National Academy of Sciences performed a study which showed that elderly people who read or play mentally challenging games are 2.5 times less likely to get Alzheimers.

Reading Makes you Seem Sexier 

book kiss

Pay attention guys!  A recent study found that reading makes you appear more intelligent, which is especially attractive to women.

Reading Fiction Makes you More Empathetic 


A University of Buffalo study concluded that reading books from a variety of perspectives helped people understand other viewpoints better and be more empathetic in their real lives.


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