Anne of Green Gables Review

In case you couldn’t tell from my post where I chose “Anne of Green Gables” as my April Book Challenge book, I am a huge fan.  I read the first book in the series when I was nine or ten, and I have been hooked ever since.


I stumbled upon the books when I was nine or ten, finding an old box set among the piles of books my family had accumulated.  I devoured the first four books, and was hooked right away. It was a few years late that I realized there were even more books about Anne. Even though I was probably 14 at that time, I had to reread the first four and then rush through the rest of them.

Clearly my love of these books is going to keep me from providing an unbiased review for this book.  Instead, I will definitely be leaning more towards a strong recommendation that all of you read them.  Whether you have read some or all of them as a child, or have never read them at all, I strongly recommend  you pick up a copy, especially one as pretty as these.

pretty books

Anne Shirley is one of my all time favorite literary characters.  This should come as no surprise seeing as I included her in my “Five Favorite Women in Literature” list.  Whether you are a young girl or a grown women I truly feel that Anne’s story can teach you something.

While the life of a young Canadian orphan is not all that similar to my own suburban Indiana childhood, I still found it impossible not to relate to Anne Shirley.  Though the books were first published in 1908, and the writing is old-fashioned, L.M. Montgomery writes in such a way that children today can still relate to the dramatic, intelligent and imaginative little girl she created.

While you might be thinking “That’s great, but I’m a little old for a children’s book,” I have to beg to differ.  This month was just another of many times that I have reread these books.  Anne’s story still gets me every time, and for me Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe will always be the perfect romance story.  I still love reading their story to this day, and I am certain all of you will as well.

anne and gilbert


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