Discovering Audiobooks

Listen to the audio for this post to get the full effect!

Though audiobooks have exploded in popularity in the last few years, I personally never really got into them.  I felt like they just wouldn’t give me the same feelings as reading a physical copy of a book.  My favorite part of reading is the ability to get so immersed in a book that it feels like everything is really happening to you.  I always felt like I just wouldn’t get that with an audiobook.

Recently however, I’ve been trying out audiobooks more, and have realized how much I like this new form of books.  Though I still have some doubts about whether or not you can really immerse yourself in an audiobook, for some types of books I really enjoy them.

I love listening to non-fiction books, rather than reading a physical copy.  Listening to these books gives me the chance to work on other things while looking at a genre I don’t typically read.  And since you aren’t getting immersed in a specific story, you don’t have to worry about not getting as involved as you do when you read a book.

If you are looking to get into audiobooks you should check out some of the links below for some awesome deals!



This is amazon’s audiobook website, and it works pretty much just like buying an ebook for your kindle.  They offer a lot of different deals on audiobooks that you should definitely check out.


This is pretty much netflix for audiobooks, so if you really get into them this would be a great deal for you!

Your Public Library

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 10.42.50 PM

The best deal of all of them!  Your public library is a great place to check out both audiobooks and ebooks!.


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