5 Things Book Lovers are Tired of Hearing

1. I don’t read.


Though I understand that some people just aren’t book lovers, whenever people say this it’s always said in some sort of condescending way.  Not liking books doesn’t make you cool…

2.  It’s just a book – get over it.


Even though it’s “just a book” that doesn’t mean you can’t get emotionally involved.  If a book is really well written it will pull you into the story.

3. Don’t you have more important things to do?


This is probably my biggest pet peeve on the list.  This is usually said in a follow up to the “I don’t read comment,” where they say how they’re just too busy to find the time.  They just don’t understand that reading is our hobby, so we make the time!

4. I’ll just watch the movie.


But it’s not the same!

5. I lost that book you lent me…


Or returned it with dog ears, drink spills, and once – an entire back page ripped off.  This is someone else’s property, how could you treat it like that?


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