Why you Should Judge a Book by its Cover

Everyone’s heard the old adage “Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover,” telling us that we should give books more of a chance than just the first look.  However, when you really think about it, what other way is there to judge a book before you read it?  And let’s be real… we’re all already doing it anyway.

When you’re scrolling through dozens of books on Amazon, you aren’t going to take the time to read every single description before you choose which one to buy.  You’re going to click on just the covers that interest you.  And this is totally fine, because when you think about it, there’s a lot more to judging a books cover then just being superficial.  According to The Book Designer, when you look at a book with a poorly designed cover a lot of things are going through your head.

  • “This book seems pretty low-budget. I’d like to spend my money on something that took more effort.”
  • “This book seems unprofessional. I wonder if the author’s as ‘expert’ as he says he is.”
  • “This book doesn’t look like what I’d expect a [thriller|mystery|literary|etc.] book to look like.”

All of these things are not necessarily true, especially with the emergence of self-publishing on the internet.  However, as a general rule if a book has a beautiful cover, the publishing company might have seen the value in the book and been more willing to pay more for a great cover design.  While I love the emerging trend in self-publishing, I still feel that even they do not have an excuse for a poorly designed cover.  A bad cover probably means they were in a rush to get their book published, and didn’t take the time to hire someone to design it.  This may mean that they rushed through edits or revisions as well, and doesn’t point to the book being the best quality.

Below are some of my favorite books recommendations that I chose based on their beautiful covers.

beautiful day





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