Yes Please Review

While I chose “Yes Please” as my reading challenge book in a “genre you don’t typically read,” I have to admit to having very firm expectations for it going in.  While I don’t typically read this kind of book, I do love Amy Poehler and have seen pretty much everything she is in.  All of her movies and shows are favorites of mine, and that is why it was so difficult for me not to like this book. Unfortunately, try as I might, I just couldn’t get into it.

2015-Reading-Challenge (1)

One of the first things you read in “Yes Please” is Amy Poehler saying that she “had no business agreeing to write this book.”  Unfortunately for the rest of the book, that seems to have been correct.  While she is hilarious onscreen, her jokes just fell flat in the book.  Her trademark peppiness seemed to make the book border on self-help or inspirational, rather than humor.

She talked a lot about how she had to overcome the odds, and about her road through the entertainment industry.  While this is all good for a young comedian trying to learn about the industry, it just wasn’t that fun to read about.  She also talked a lot about being a woman, both in today’s society and in her industry.  While she had some really interesting points that I definitely agree with, they seemed rather out of place in the book.

yes please

Even when she tells the stories of her SNL cast days or raising her sons, which seem ripe for humor, she still fails to deliver.  Unfortunately for Amy Poehler, writing this book was like “hacking away at a freezer with a screwdriver,” and it showed.  While this book is honestly not as bad as I am making it out to be, it seems much worse by comparison to both my expectations, and the only other celebrity autobiography I have read “Bossypants.”

As a fan, it was interesting to learn more about Amy Poehler’s life, but I would not recommend this book to someone looking for a laugh.


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