Why You Should Fall in Love With a Reader

I have some good news for all my fellow book lovers out there.  According to an article I stumbled upon on pinterest, readers, or at least those who practice “deep reading” are scientifically the best people to be in a relationship with.   While some people may consider readers to be nerds who aren’t very good with the opposite sex, this study contradicts that idea. While a reader may or may not be awkward they are, for the most part, great empathizers.

book love

According to the article, studies by two psychologist from Canada show that, “those who read fiction are capable of the most empathy and ‘theory of mind,’ which is the ability to hold opinions, beliefs and interests apart from their own.”  Theory of mind points to a person’s ability to ascribe mental states to other people and the ability to explain and predict the actions of other people through these.

In a nutshell the study points out that readers who practice deep reading are acutely aware of other’s points of view.  The study points out that readers are able to experience “someone else’s life through abstract eyes, they’ve learned what it’s like to leave their bodies and see the world through other frames of reference.”  This means that readers are better at understanding and sympathizing with others’ points of view, while maintaining their own beliefs.  After all, we’ve had years of practice empathizing and relating to our protagonists.

It is easy to see the applications of this skill as a benefit to relationships.  While other people may get in a fight, a reader will be better at understanding their partner’s reasoning behind an action. They will be more willing to understand why someone did something, rather than just getting mad that is was done.

If you want to learn more about why reader’s make  better partners, check out the full article at elitedaily.com.


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Fall in Love With a Reader

  1. What's She Reading? says:

    I definitely shared this with my husband! It’s good to know that my hobbies are helping me to become a more well-rounded individual.


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