My Five Favorite Women in Literature

In honor of International Women’s day, which celebrated its 107th anniversary yesterday, I have compiled a list of my five favorite female characters in literature.  Though there are so many more powerful women in literature, these five have had some of the biggest impacts on me personally.

1. Lizzie Bennet – Pride and Prejudice

pride and prejudice

Lizzie Bennet is one of the most iconic women in literature, and for good reason! Though she is living in a world where women were not equal to men, she never let it keep from saying whatever was on her mind, and being true to herself.

2. Anne Shirley – Anne of Green Gables

green gables

Anne with an ‘E’ was one of my favorite characters growing up, I never got tired of rereading her adventures.  She was flawed , imaginative, and smart, and loved to read and write.  She is a great figure that makes it easy for girls to identify with.

3. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter Series

harry potter

While Hermione was not the main character of her books, she was always the character I most identified with when I was growing up.  She made it okay to be a nerd, never afraid to answer a question in class or show her un-ironic enthusiasm for unpopular topics like SPEW.

4. Éowyn – The Lord of the Rings trilogy


While Tolkien is often criticized for his lack of female characters, there is no doubt that Éowyn is an amazing character.  She showed that women could be just as brave and fearless as men, and that women could do anything a man could do.

5. Jane Eyre – Jane Eyre

jane eyre

Though the book was written so long ago, its protagonist is one of the first representations of a strong, passionate woman.  Though she suffers greatly in her life, she still maintains her intelligence and her moral beliefs, even when tested.


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