Indie Bookstores – Von’s Bookshop

It seems like for a long time all people can talk about it the downfall of bookstores.  Back during the “You’ve got Mail” era, it was all about Independent bookstores being pushed aside by big chains like Borders and Barnes and Noble.  Now, with the invention of the e-reader and the prevalence of ebooks, it’s the same thing all over again.  There are scores of articles talking about how this new competition is going to drive all the independent bookstores out of business.

However, it seems that it is actually the opposite.  The big chain stores have actually been hit the hardest by the new ebook competition.  Borders closed it’s doors a few years ago, and Barnes and Noble has been struggling to keep up.  But the last couple of years, more independent book stores have actually been opening.  Indie book stores are thriving.  Sales at indie bookstores have grown around 8% a year over the past three years.  Indie stores are thriving as niche markets for unique books.  They also attract a lot of people with their unique character and personal touches.

In honor of the rise of indie bookstores, I have decided to explore some of the coolest ones near me.  The first one I will be looking at is a Purdue tradition, Von’s Bookshop.  They have been a part of Purdue since 1968 and offer all kinds of books.  They have textbooks and new books on the first floor, and when you descend into the crowded basement you’ll find a huge selection of cheap, used books.  I absolutely love Von’s, I can always find whatever I am looking for at a great price.  In the slideshow I’ve added some pictures of the store so you can all appreciate it’s unique character.

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