Books and Coffee Recap

This week is your last chance to attend Books and Coffee, so if you like engaging in book discussions while drinking coffee and eating delicious cookies, don’t forget to check out this event.  I told you a little bit about the event last week, and since I attended the event and though it was a lot of fun, I figured I would share some details with you so you can see if the last one, held this Thursday, appeals to you. take me home The event was held in the union north ballroom, and when I arrived people were just milling around and talking, grabbing some of the free coffee and treats.  I found some people that I knew, and since I had not read the book, talked with someone who had.  She told me all about the book, “Take me Home,”a touching story about a woman who returns home to the Scottish highlands, not the John Denver biography by the same name. At around 4:30 one of the English department professors, Monica Trieu gave a talk about the book.  She read passages of the book aloud and discussed themes and symbols.  It reminded me of one of my literature classes to be honest.  That is kind of why I loved it, as an english minor I love getting to hear about books, and I definitely think that I will be picking this one up.  However, I understand that this event would not be the most interesting for a lot of people.  If you do love listening to book talks though, it was an especially good one with free food. The last Books and Coffee will be over the book “The Round House” by Louise Erdrich. round house


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