Welcome to Boilermaker Bookworm!

My name is Leah, and I started this site to try and explore the world of books through the eyes of a college student.  I have always been a bookworm, and throughout college I have kept up my love of books, even while struggling through hundreds of pages of assigned readings. However, I know that for a lot of students this is not the case.  People are always commenting on how I manage to find time to read so often.  They argue that they are so busy with homework and class readings they can never find much time to just relax, and when they do the last thing they want is more to read.

Those people are the entire reason that I set out to start this blog, I want to bring a love of reading back to college students.   Reading has always been my relaxation, and I want to try and bring that mentality to a few more people, because god knows that in college we all need a little time to relax.  I will be posting interesting articles about books, attending book readings and clubs, conducting interviews with authors and professors, and trying to find some amazing books that I feel any college student would love.  My hope is that through this site, college students will be able to discover or reconnect with their own love of reading.


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